Ranch Marketing Associates offers equestrian property for sale, equestrian estates and horse ranches for sale in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota and Wyoming.There are plenty of wonderful horse ranches for sale across these great states so be sure to contact Ranch Marketing Associates to speak with experienced real estate brokers before any purchasing decisions are made.No matter what kind of property you and your family want to reside on, RMA can help you get there. Visit our RMA Marketing Services to find out more about all the properties available.Please contact us for more information about any of these horse properties for sale:

Wolf Springs Ranch


Colorado - Huerfano/Custer Counties - Westcliffe

Acres 55,486 |

Price $49,000,000

When it comes to horse ranches, Wolf Springs Ranch stands out. The ranch is set up as a top rated horse breeding and training facility wiht an 840 sq ft office, shop and equipment storage to support the training facilities. There are 19 horse stalls with an alleyway and mare motel with breeding and vet facilities. There are an additional 60 horse stalls with their own tack room, wash racks and vet rooms. For the horse trainer there is a round pen, indoor arena and outdoor arena. This ranch also comes complete with its own roping and rough stock arena. This Colorado horse ranch is set up for any horse lover or trainer / breeder.



Bonsall Farm


California - San Diego County - Bonsall

Acres 190 |

Price $9,950,000

This sophisticated horse property and farmland offers country living within easy driving distance of big-city amenities. The farmland consists of a alfalfa fields, pastures, citrus and avocado groves and many improvements, including a charming Spanish-style home with several apartment units, a main residence, office, indoor tennis pavilion and 40 acres with a beautiful pond, irrigated alfalfa pasture and orchard. Enjoy magnificent vistas, privacy and beauty in pristine condition.

Chappell Hill Ranch


Texas - Washington County - Washington

Acres 297.50 |

Price $3,900,000

Chappell Hill Ranch is a equestrian lover's dream with well designed and bult improvements, incluing a main horse barn and adjoining facilities suitable for the equestrian enthusiastic of any venue. This jewel of a ranch welcomes both you and your horses to luxury and recreational excellence.

Dome Peak Ranch


Colorado - Routt County - Yampa

Acres 960 |

Price $3,450,000

This 960 acre ranch is well suited as a horse or equestrain property. The ranch offers lots of area for building improvements sutiable for a horse ranch, is well watered, and offers plenty of room to ride. Located in northwestern Colorado between Vail and Steamboat Springs the property offers easy access to numerous recreation opportunities. 

Hillside Ranch


Colorado - Custer County - Hillside

Acres 580 |

Price $2,900,000

Hillside Ranch is improved with horse barn, horse stalls, round pen and riding areas as well as a beautiful custom home.  The ranch has 580 +/- acres of pasture land to ride and keep horses on with nearby national forest to explore horseback as well. Located in Colorado's Wet Mountain Valley just 2 hours from Colorado Springs and minutes from Westcliffe the ranch is perfectly situated for the second home owner or for a full time horse property. 

Nags Head West Ranch


Colorado - Fremont County - Cotopaxi/Westcliffe

Acres 385 |

Price $1,750,000

For the horse lover, Nags Head is a great equestian property.  The ranch is fully set up for enjoying horses with indoor arena, outdoor arena, barns, round pen, and stalls. There are miles of trails on the property for riding and many more miles on the adjoining national forest lands. Invite fellow horse lovers over to stay in one of the cabins and enjoy riding among the wildflowers. 

Loveland Country Home


Colorado - Larimer County - Loveland

Acres 35 |

Price $1,400,000

Fully equipped 35 horse ranch near Loveland less than an hour drive from downtown Denver, Colorado. The ranch has 5 bed, 5 bath custom home, barbeque area, swimming pool and hot tub for the owners to enjoy and for the horses there is a 7 stall barn, 4 pastures, paddocks with frost free hydrants, arena, and turn outs. 

Sidney Peak Ranch


Colorado - Routt County - Steamboat Springs

Acres 1,500 |

Price $649,000

This gated, shared-amenity ranch in a valley floor shares central water, groomed equestrian/hiking/biking trails, paved roads and a comfortable bunkhouse among the 32 owners. Only 7 miles from the slopes, the ranch features a professionally managed barn and indoor riding arena with on-site horse boarding. The site of a historic homestead, this 50-acre agricultural parcel offers panoramic views and irrigated hay meadows. Benefits include significantly lower property taxes.


Horse ranches for all uses - Roping, reining, cutting, dressage, and more....

Whether you're training horses on equestrian property or just enjoying their company on your own luxury ranch, the land you own needs to be up to the right standards. The beautiful ranch properties available through RMA can help you and your family finally find that dream real estate you've always wanted.

Considerations to Make When Evaluating Horse Ranches for Sale

If it's been a lifelong dream to have horses and enough land to raise them, the dream can become a reality. Finding farms or Horse ranches for sale has never been easier. To make the search easier, the buyer should consider the amenities they need. Following are some of the most common features of an equestrian property for sale.


Because many horse ranches already have shelters and stables, the buyer should consider whether he or she would prefer to build a structure or use an existing building. Investigate these features during the search.

  • Structural integrity. While there's a lot to be said for an old barn, safety should be a primary consideration
  • Location. Consider stables' proximities to the house and storage facilities
  • Ventilation. Proper airflow is essential to the horses' health
  • Stall numbers. There should be enough stalls for all of the buyer's horses

Other features to look for include stall floors with proper drainage, a good feed room, and a center aisle with non-slip floors.


Stalls are one of the stable's most important parts. Buyers of horse property for sale should consider that the stable is there to protect the horses, and they should take steps to ensure the horses can't escape, hurt themselves, or damage the building. After security and safety issues have been addressed, comfort is the next consideration. While 10x10' stalls can accommodate small horses, larger equines need bigger stalls. Horse stalls with runs are a good buy but, in cold climates, the owner may need to close the stalls for additional comfort and warmth. Stalls should meet the user's needs. For instance, if the owner plans to board horses, a separate tack and storage area may be necessary.

Road Access

For a horse ranch for sale to operate at its fullest potential, it's important for trucks to have easy access to the property. Regardless of the ranch's proximity to the main road, it is important to ensure the access road is well maintained and wide enough to allow large vehicles to enter and exit.


Most farms already have fences. When the buyer evaluates the property's current fence and begins to plan improvements, they should do so while considering the fence's primary function. On horse properties for sale, it's the fence's job to contain horses, prevent injury, and improve the property's aesthetic appeal. Some of the most common fencing options include those listed below.

  • Wood. While it's generally safe and conventionally beautiful, it's costly and difficult to maintain.
  • Vinyl. It provides the aesthetic appeal of a wood fence, but with greater durability.
  • Electric fencing. Used along with existing fencing, an electric fence can discourage horses' natural tendencies to wander by creating a psychological and physical barrier.
  • Barbed wire. It is not recommended for use based on the high risk of injury.

Turnouts and Pastures

Horse farms should have plenty of room to turn horses out and allow free roaming. Consider the number of animals to be boarded as well as the turnouts' intended usage when selecting a property.


If the buyer plans to do some arena riding, they should look for a property with an arena or ample room to construct one. Improving or building an arena can be expensive, as the building's footing can affect horses' soundness and the structure's maintenance requirements. Depending on the local climate, the buyer may need an indoor or covered arena.

Water and Electricity

Pastures and barns should have access to clean, fresh water for the horses' health and safety. Electricity availability can greatly affect the property's usability. Stables need power, even if it's only used in emergencies, and arena lighting may be needed if the owner plans to use the ranch to board horses for others.

Tack and Feed Storage

Having sufficient grain, hay, and tack storage on the farm is cost-effective and convenient. Proper storage can extend the life of horse feed by protecting it from the weather, and it can minimize the maintenance requirements of feeding implements. Additionally, secured feed storage can prevent loose horses from overeating and becoming ill.

Last, but not least, the buyer should consider the home on the horse ranch. It's important to buy a home that meets the family's current needs, but it's equally vital to choose a property that can be scaled up or down as changing needs dictate. When a buyer has a list of wishes, amenities, and priorities to consider, they will find it easier to refine the search.