From California to Texas: A Ranch Owner’s Dream

In the U.S., the real estate value of farm land and ranch land is over $2 trillion. The very lucrative agriculture industry is booming in certain parts of the country more than others. You can have a satisfying agricultural experience in many states, but there are three states that stand out more than the others.

Whether it’s large farm land, nice equestrian property, or  luxury cattle ranches, buying property in California, Texas, and Wyoming has the biggest upside. California and Texas rank in the top two for agricultural cash receipts in the United States with Wyoming not far behind.


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The number one ranking state for making a profit off owning agricultural land  is California. Imagine thousands of acres overlooking the Pacific Ocean, while you ride a horse across your property, enjoying the luxury cattle ranch and the California breeze. It’s hard to imagine a more luxurious achievement of owning land like that in a place as beautiful as California. If the western U.S. is where you end up, there are various paths you could take to increase your agricultural capital earnings, as California leads the nation in the production of crops. The state’s top three exports are wine, dairy products, and almonds. That’s not all — artichokes, dates, olives, figs, raisins, pomegranate, and more are also popular agricultural exports.


Texas contributes $36.4 billion from production agriculture and other land-related businesses. Texas currently ranks second in agricultural profit and is the vara texas ranch for salenumber one leader in the nation in ranch and farm real estate value. Texas is an agriculture-driven state, so you know that buying property here will make sense. One out of every seven working Texans (nearly 15%) works on a ranch or some kind of farm. A beautiful 1,300 acre hunting and fishing ranch is currently available in Texas, with several more .


Along with some of the most breathtaking sights in the entire world, Wyoming is home to over 30 million acres of land. The agriculture production earnings from Wyoming totaled $520 million two years ago and seemingly will increase in the near future. Wyoming has some of the largest luxury ranches around: you could find a giant 10,000 acre luxury cattle ranch right near Yellowstone National Park.



If you are looking to purchase land elsewhere, there are other states that have amazing properties. Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, and New Mexico are home to many of the most luxurious and aesthetically pleasing ranches. Wherever you end up, enjoy!


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