California is probably the only place on earth where you can surf in the morning and ski in the afternoon. As such, California recreation offers an unrivaled setting for recreation and adventure. Simply put, California is the perfect playground for nearly every recreational opportunity imaginable year-round. From hunting to fishing, surfing to snowboarding, climbing, camping, rafting, off roading, and biking; California consists of endless recreational opportunities.

California is a fisherman’s paradise. Start off with fishing for monster bass in the lakes along the San Joaquin River. Whether you prefer coastal fishing for salmon, seabass, yellowtail, and lingcod, or deep-sea fishing for sailfish or bluefin tuna, or you’d rather take your fly rod and explore a top trout fishery in the Sacramento River, or steelhead on the Smith River, California has a place for you to get a line wet.

California is home to numerous state beaches, national parks, wilderness areas, and recreational areas. Carlsbad State Beach located in northern San Diego County, CA is a great place to go surfing or just enjoy a day at the beach with the family. You’ll find Yosemite National Park, located high in the Sierra Nevada mountain range where you can take advantage of several drive-in campsites, like the White Wolf Campground, nestled in a wildflower filled meadow ringed by towering lodgepole pine trees at 8,000 feet. Try white water rafting on the Kings River that flows between the Sierra and Sequoia National Forests in the Kings Canyon National Park if you’re looking for a thrill. The Sierras are also home to California’s ski resorts. In the shadow of the ski slopes you’ll find the crystal clear blue waters of the world famous Lake Tahoe. Skim across Lake Tahoe on a kayak and have a picnic lunch on Fannette Island.

If you’re hungry for some off-road adventure, California is the place for you. As home of the Rubicon Trail and the Glamis Sand Dunes, California has plenty of places to go off roading in a jeep, dirt bike, or sand rail, or ATV. The Rubicon Trail is an extremely rocky and difficult trail that traverses the mountains just west of Lake Tahoe. The Glamis Dunes are located just off Interstate 8 on the border with Arizona. This sandbox offers approximately 100,000 acres of dunes to explore.

With so much land encompassing such diverse geography, the only thing that limits your recreational options in California is your imagination. Go for an early morning sail on Lake Shasta, followed by an afternoon round of golf and an evening fishing the rivers of the High Sierra. It’s doesn’t matter if you purchase a farm or ranch for sale in southern California or northern California, on the coast or inland, your days in California are easily filled with fun recreational activities and stunning views.

Exploring Opportunities to Purchase California Ranches for Sale

Living in California offers a blend of advantages rarely found in other states, suggesting anyone considering purchasing one of the fine California ranches for sale can easily find a rare combination of livability and financial potential. Because the land differs significantly from the northern portions of the state to the southern areas, exploring all the options available before buying is strongly recommended by real estate professionals. Of course, there are many factors to look at, but there are a few that must always be considered when looking at land for sale.

How Will the Land Be Used?

Buyers will quickly discover the ranches for sale in northern California don’t always provide the same opportunities as farmland for sale in arears farther south in California. That’s not really a negative, as ranch owners have different dreams and goals than buyers who are interested in purchasing an orchard, focusing on the production of fruits and vegetables. Again, professionals marketing lands throughout the state work closely with potential buyers to ensure the property in question will actually provide the opportunities a specific buyer is seeking.

Water Sources are Always Important

Access to water is crucial for all buyers shopping for ranch land for sale in California. Of course, cattle and horse ranches need reliable access to water, but their needs are not the same as those planning to grow crops on the land purchased. Discuss your proposed uses with professionals to ensure the available water sources will be sufficient to meet your needs. Interestingly, technology is really helping with the water issues the region has been experiencing, producing solutions to minimize potential threats to farmers and ranchers in the area.

What Improvements are In Place?

California ranches for sale vary in the number and type of improvements to the land. When evaluating potential ranches or farms, look carefully at the structures in place to determine if they are going to fit your specific needs. However, it’s also important to realize many buildings can be re-purposed to serve new needs at far lower costs than building new structures.

While everyone is concerned with residences, other structures are important to enhance the viability of farming and ranching operations. Protective structures keep livestock safe during any type of inclement weather, meaning those structures in relatively good condition always add value to an existing ranch or farm property. If a potential farm or ranch buyer has unique needs, determine before purchasing if those structures can easily be built on the property.

Is Access to Supplies and Other Needs Available?

All serious farming and ranching operations require feed, seed, fertilizers, and other supplied to stay in business. It’s always a good idea to visit surrounding communities to ensure those vital supplies are readily available. Preferably, there will be more than one source in the event one supplier experiences difficulties acquiring the needed commodities.

Cost is Always a Factor

Everyone has budgets to adhere to when buying a farm or ranchland in California. Most buyers expect to receive a return on that investment, so financial concerns should be carefully looked at when purchasing any property, but especially farms or ranchland that are expected to produce a profit. If available, examine profit and loss statements from current land owners to get an idea of the property’s history. Naturally, there are often ways to enhance the efficiencies of a current operation but discuss the current conditions with a financial adviser before committing to a property.

Even during relatively difficult times, purchasing a farm or ranch is a generally a sound investment if the pros and cons are carefully explored first. That’s often where real estate experts specializing in those types of properties and other financial advisers should be consulted. By carefully appraising the existing operation and developing a solid business plan covering proposed improvements, buying a farm or ranch in California has a real chance of attaining the investment goals.

4 Reasons Why You Won’t Regret Your Move to California

For more than 150 years, people have been moving across the country to various counties across the state California. Millions of people aren’t doing this simply because the Beach Boys might’ve sung about it a few times. There are plenty of reasons why the Golden State is great for just about anyone and plenty of property for sale to meet your needs.

Ranches for Sale in California


California is one of the best states in the country in terms of agricultural production. In terms of value, the top three exports are dairy, wine, and almonds, but there are plenty more — approximately 66 total — crops that this Agriculture-friendly state produces and exports around the country. If you’re thinking about moving out west, settling down on California farmland might be one of your best decisions yet. You can find California farmland for sale throughout the state. Once you settle on the property of your dreams, you can begin your career as an agricultural production farmer. Talk to an experienced real estate agent about farms for sale in California to see if there is any specific California farmland that looks appealing for you and your family.


It’s hard not to talk about the weather when giving reasons why California is so great. It’s different in certain parts of the state, some being much hotter than others, but the weather is truly great wherever you go. You just can’t beat it. In San Diego, for instance, the weather is internationally regarded as some of the best weather in the world. San Diego is lucky enough to have sunny skies and near 80-degree temperatures just about every single day. No matter what time of year, San Fran’s weather remains at a constant 65 to 70 degrees. That’s perfect — not too hot, not too cold — just perfect.

Amazing Culture

From the top of the state to the bottom, you will enjoy some of the greatest restaurants, street meat, and locally grown food in the entire country. There are some amazing places to sit down and have a meal, as well as see some amazing musical performances that you simply just can’t see anywhere else in the world.


You don’t have to live in Silicon Valley to enjoy all the creative inventions that come out of that tech hub. Being that close to the tech capital of the world is great for tech lovers, because you’ll be able to test out and get a glimpse of all the new revolutionary inventions before anyone else.