Cody Ullman, Managing Partner

Colorado and California
Contact: Cody Ullman - [email protected]

Cody Ullman brings expansive experience and insight concerning complex transactions and business operations to Ranch Marketing Associates. Prior to expanding into the brokerage business, Cody owned and managed a capital portfolio focusing on equity and real estate investments as well as being a partner in a family business conglomerate encompassing commercial real estate, cattle ranching and parking management. This cross-industry knowledge from an owner’s perspective enables Cody to tailor his brokerage services and employ representation whether it be for a recreational ranch, legacy property or a commercial cattle or farming operation, for the discerning individual, family, foundation or corporation while understanding the breadth and nuances of substantial financial investments. Relationships built over decades and generations with businesspersons and ranchers alike, and cemented in trust, enable Cody to access an expansive network of potential buyers, sellers and operators in representation of his clients’ interests.

Raised on the UB Ranch in California, in a tight-knit community among family and friends, an appreciation for a more rural lifestyle and enjoyment of the outdoors was fostered at an early age. Spending time with family at the Oregon ranches while growing up, whether it be the spring branding or fall gathering are not only fond memories, but also left an indelible impression of the integrity, hard work, character and enjoyment prevalent in the western lifestyle. With an affection for the outdoors all his life, Cody has enjoyed big game, upland and waterfowl hunting throughout the years. In addition to being an ardent hunter, Cody enjoys the challenges of fly-fishing and golf. Cody shares his time in Santa Ynez, California and the foothills of Denver, Colorado with his wife and children and ranches with family in southwestern Colorado.

Cody Ullman's Listings and Sold Properties:

Pine ridge ranch colorado

Pine Ridge Ranch


Colorado - La Plata County - Durango

Acres 700 |

Price $11,250,000

Rarely do you find such a remarkable property as this with its end-of-the-road privacy, useable and scenic country, wildlife and custom designed improvements. Pine Ridge Ranch is both tasteful and practical in one of the most beautiful areas of Colorado.