Creative Ways to Use Equestrian Property

Equestrian properties have many uses, most of which obviously involve horses. However, a new report shows that equestrian properties are being used in new ways that involve medical treatment.

NBC reports that in Ohio, a new program is being implemented that will use horses as a therapy treatment for those struggling with cancer.

Serenity Farm Equestrian Center and the Cancer Connection of Northwest Ohio have teamed up to provide free equestrian therapy to cancer patients of all ages.

“The horses have healed me,” said Kathleen Fincher, a Serenity Farm volunteer who is going through stage IV breast cancer. “They have been with me through my tears, through my anger, through everything I’ve been through.”

Fincher has been battling cancer since 2007 and rather than letting her cancer diagnosis negatively affect her, she helps out at Serenity Farms a few times a week.

Fincher, along with Debra DeHoff, Serenity Farm Founder, and Jean Schoen, Cancer Connection founder, are trying to start the first ever equestrian therapy program for those suffering from cancer.

Schoen hopes that this new program will provide great care for cancer patients and will help them heal and think less about the negative things they cannot change.

“I started in order to provide the types of support and guidance that I wish my family had when we went through it.”

There is a total of eight horses that will be used specifically for cancer therapy on the farm.

“Every cancer patient is different,” Fincher said. “I’m assuming I’m not the only one who has bottled my feelings up inside. These horses can help release that to give some people some healing.”

Clearly, therapy sessions with majestic horses are another amazing benefit of equestrian properties, particularly for those struggling with cancer.

There are so many ways such agricultural property can be used and it’s up to the owners to find new, creative, helpful ideas like Serenity Farms.


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