Your Dream Home is Waiting on One of these Colorado Ranches for Sale

Owning the Colorado Lifestyle

Some would like to make a permanent move to Colorado and continue the adventure of their lives surrounded by the beauty of the Rockies, enjoying a retreat from a hectic routine. The dream may include owning land where they can pursue their passion for hunting, fishing, or horses. Picture yourself relaxing on the porch with a cool drink at the end of a full day and watching a glorious sunset slowly fading behind the backdrop of the Rockies.

Colorado’s Weather is as Great as the Lifestyle

Many people don’t realize it, but Denver boasts more sunny days than San Diego and is much cooler and more comfortable. Of course, there is snow in the winter, making possible the world-class skiing in Vail, Aspen, and other locations that Colorado is famous for. Although winters can be snowy, Denver’s temperatures tend to be milder than might be expected.

During the spring and summer, wildflowers provide bright highlights in the valleys and along streams. While riding, expect the occasional sighting of bison or elk calves, bear cubs, or perhaps even an elusive mountain lion.

Cattle Ranching and Raising Horses in Colorado

It’s impossible to think of Colorado without including horses and cattle. Some of the world’s finest are bred and raised on the horse and cattle ranches for sale in Colorado. While most ranches and farms have at least a few horses for personal use, some properties are superb for the business of horse breeding or cattle ranching on a large scale.

The state’s naturally cool and dry climate creates the perfect environment for horses and cattle. Running a guest ranch expands the possibilities of land ownership in Colorado beyond traditional ranching. If it’s time to turn your ranch dream into reality, you’ll find what you’re looking for in Colorado.

Colorado Farms and Vineyards

Farming is not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Colorado, but there are many beautiful, flourishing farms in the state. There are not as many Colorado farms for sale as other types of properties, but they do exist. As most people are aware, water rights have been an issue throughout the western states. Many of Colorado’s most successful farmers now use modern technologies to deliver only the water needed to crops, producing flourishing fields of corn, sugar beets, onions, and other crops.

Another of Colorado’s surprises is the excellent wine produced in the state. While most vineyards are found on the western slopes of the Rockies, wineries are also springing up on the Front Range.

Hunting and Fishing in Colorado


Fishing enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the opportunity to fly fish for the elusive rainbow trout in one of Colorado’s 6,000 miles of streams. Walleye can be found in many of the more than 2,000 lakes and reservoirs. In all, Colorado offers the opportunity to catch more than 35 different fish species while enjoying some of the world’s most spectacular scenery and best selection of fly fishing properties and ranches for sale.

Trophy trout fishing can be found in many lakes and streams. One of the particular pleasures of purchasing a Colorado ranch or property for sale is the opportunity to fish for the big one without leaving your own property.


Anyone searching for the perfect Colorado hunting property for sale probably already knows that only in Colorado is it still possible to obtain over-the-counter bull elk tags. For hunters, Colorado is truly a dream come to life, featuring some of the world’s best hunting experiences. Hunting in Colorado takes place on both private property and public land.

Proper land management is the reason behind Colorado’s flourishing wildlife. The Colorado Department of Parks and Wildlife (CPW) partners with many landowners to ensure that Colorado’s wildlife and resources are protected. Landowners who choose to participate profit from the partnership while preserving ecological excellence on their property. The CPW considers that the abundant wildlife and rich opportunities for fishing and hunting would not exist without the support of private landowners. Colorado contains more than 36,000 ranches and farms, totaling approximately 11.5 million acres.

Colorado is home to more elk than anywhere else in the world, making elk the most sought-after big game animal. There are ten other species of big game animals found in Colorado including black bears, antelopes, mule deer, bighorn sheep, and moose. The number of animals available to hunters is calculated each year based on the animal density in a particular GMU (Game Management Unit). The most current information can be found online at “Post-Hunt Population Estimates by Unit.” The USDA Forest Service also posts a map of the state’s many GMUs and the hunting availability and requirements for each.

Private landowners with a minimum of 160 acres can register with the Colorado Division of Wildlife for special vouchers. Ranchers with 12,000 acres or more have the option of partnering with Colorado’s Division of Wildlife to provide hunting opportunities on their land as part of the overall game management program.

Finding the Perfect Property for You

Ranch Marketing Associates is the premier broker of land, ranches and horse properties in the American West. Their knowledgeable brokers live the ranching lifestyle, understanding all the ins and outs of the various properties for sale. Clients interested in investment properties, recreational uses, or taking advantage of the many sporting opportunities will be presented with properties that fulfill their requirements.

Some properties include fully furnished homes with an abundance of grazing acreage while others are more rustic. While cost and location are always important factors, the brokers at Ranch Marketing Associates will ensure that your new property is just what you’ve been searching for.