Farms for Sale in South Dakota

When you think about the best state to live in, South Dakota probably isn’t at the top of your list. It isn’t by the ocean, it isn’t particularly warm, and the only famous landmark that people typically remember is Mt. Rushmore.

In fact, however, you might just be surprised by the opportunities you’ll find in South Dakota; if you’re looking for luxury homes, ranches, or farms for sale in South Dakota, you have plenty of options in terms of cost, style, and location.

Education is a focal point for South Dakota residents, and state officials put a strong emphasis on investing in children’s futures by providing adequate funding for schools. The high school graduation rate is higher in South Dakota than the national rate, and national SAT scores from 2014 found South Dakota in sixth place — which, out of 50 states total, is pretty impressive.

Taxes in South Dakota are another important factor that most people consider when they’re relocating; more accurately, the lack of taxes in South Dakota is the selling point! That’s right — there are no personal income taxes, and if you’re looking at farms for sale in South Dakota, you’ll find that the ultra-low property and sales taxes really work to your advantage. Add these points to the fact that the cost of living in South Dakota is lower than the national average, and it’s easy to see why ensuring your financial future is very feasible.

Economically, South Dakota is continually growing. Once upon a time, the state relied primarily on farming and industries involving hard labor; today, there are so many industries expanding in the state that a 2013 national Gallup poll ranked South Dakota in the Top 3 for job creation. Of course, there are still plenty of farms for sale in South Dakota today, but the farming industry has benefited tremendously from advances in technology and increased capital flowing into the state.

Maybe you like the idea of having unlimited career potential and living so close to major metropolitan hubs like Denver and Minneapolis, or maybe you’re looking at luxury farms for sale in South Dakota where you can settle down and simply enjoy the beautiful natural landscape. Whatever your reasons may be for moving to South Dakota, we know that once you find the perfect luxury ranch or farm, you’ll never want to leave.