Colorado Farms

When most people think of Colorado, farming is not the first thing to come to mind. However, Colorado farms for sale offer numerous opportunities in farming and agriculture. From potato farms in the south central area to mountain hay farms in the north and vineyards and orchards on the western slope to corn and wheat on the front range. Don’t overlook Colorado for farms. You get the added enjoyment of some of the most scenic areas in the country.

Colorado Farms and Vineyards

Farming is not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Colorado, but there are many beautiful, flourishing farms in the state. There are not as many Colorado farms for sale as other types of properties, but they do exist. As most people are aware, water rights have been an issue throughout the western states. Many of Colorado’s most successful farmers now use modern technologies to deliver only the water needed to crops, producing flourishing fields of corn, sugar beets, onions, and other crops.

Another of Colorado’s surprises is the excellent wine produced in the state. While most vineyards are found on the western slopes of the Rockies, wineries are also springing up on the Front Range.

Four Things to Consider When Purchasing Colorado Farms for Sale

Experienced farmers know a lifetime of work and passion goes into creating a property that is ideal for the kind of agricultural services they provide. Those who are interested in buying their first farm have likely worked on other properties, but they may not realize exactly how much effort went into creating a well-running operation from what had previously been bare land. Many novice farmers make the mistake of purchasing untouched land or land that hasn’t been used in decades and assuming they will be able to craft it into the farm or homestead of their dreams. Unfortunately, many end up going broke in the process. That being said, a perfectly operational farm is hard to find at a reasonable price, and everyone wants a good deal. Below are a few tips to help those who are new to the farming business find Colorado farms for sale that will suit their purposes without breaking the bank.

Have a Plan

Unless the plan is to homestead and grow near to 100% of the family’s own crops, new farmers will have to focus on one or two main crops for commercial production. Each crop has different requirements when it comes to sunlight, soil aeration and nutrients, and water. Knowing what those are prior to beginning the search can certainly help. That doesn’t mean someone interested in starting a vineyard can only purchase land on the Rockies’ western slopes. It does mean, however, a piece of land that has only been used for growing fields of hay may not be the best purchase. Knowing what the plants require will help narrow down the search to only Colorado farms with the right terrain.

Look For Existing Technological Infrastructure

Modern technology has made creating and running an operational farm much easier in a variety of ways. Looking at farms for sale in Colorado that already have irrigation systems set up for watering crops and wells on-site will save a lot of money and hassle when beginning the process of actually getting plants into the ground. Potential buyers should think of any farm machinery that is included in the purchase as a happy bonus. Most farmers know that they will get a better price if they sell their expensive equipment separately prior to selling the farm itself, but it is possible to get lucky.

Look For Quality in Existing Structures

A Colorado farm for sale may come equipped with a farmhouse, a barn, a storage silo, or any variety of other permanent structures depending on what had previously been grown there. This can be a great benefit if the farm house is in great shape and all of these out-buildings have recently been in use. However, if the buildings are structurally damaged they will be much more of a hassle than a help, as they will have to be torn down in order for the space to be of any use.

Don’t Forget Location

Don’t forget that many farms for sale in Colorado are not centrally located. The most idyllic piece of land set off in the mountains away from all the hassles of city life may sound perfect, but it will make transporting any goods produced much harder. When choosing a farm for sale Colorado, buyers should look for land that is close enough to main roads to make transportation of goods feasible.