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Happy Broussard covers multiple states and thousands of miles every month conducting business as a Ranch Broker for Ranch Marketing Associates. Because life as a ranch real estate broker often entails being on the road for days or weeks at a time showing properties in different states, Happy brings a bit of home and his office on the road with him.

Many times, to show important attributes of a property to clients, RMA Brokers use horseback to navigate a ranch. This depends on the terrain, the amount of rivers or streams to cross and the condition of the road systems on a given property. On the occasions when horses are needed, Happy takes his with him when he travels. For the past few years, he’s used his Bloomer Living Quarters Horse Trailer as an office on wheels and to have horses available when needed.

When showing ranches doesn’t require a horseback tour, Happy travels in his new Red Wood Fifth-Wheel Camper. This rig is customized with all of the same modern conveniences a traditional home has including a full office with fax and photocopying capability, wireless internet, electricity, filing cabinets, and ability to conduct spacious face-to-face or teleconference meetings. In addition, this mode of transportation gives him the flexibility to disconnect and maneuver around his current or prospective listings with ease in his pick-up truck.

In today’s high-tech, global business climate, Ranch Marketing Associates understands the importance of being able to communicate and share documents with our clients and co-workers quickly. No matter where Happy is – whether in a rig or in the saddle – he’s able to conduct full business transactions and services fast.

In his most recent trip, he covered 5,000 miles through multiple states by truck and, at one point, had to leave his rig behind to fly 1,400 miles to show one of his listings in Southwest Texas. You might wonder if the way Happy travels is less costly than staying in hotels. No, it is not. But his rigs give him everything he needs in very remote locations – anytime!



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