How the ‘Right to Farm’ Act could Affect Oklahoma Ranches for Sale

In recent years more farmers and ranchers have looked to sell rather than buy Oklahoma ranches for sale. Although still over a year from potentially being passed, SQ 777, or the ‘Right to Farm’ act could change the real estate landscape in Oklahoma. If passed, it would essentially give farmers and ranchers living in the state a constitutionally protected right to farm. It sounds fairly basic, but the value this piece of legislation could have should not be underestimated. You need only look to Oklahoma’s neighbor to the south who adopted a similar law in 1981 as proof.

They say everything’s bigger in Texas. That’s hard to argue while looking at the 510,000+ acre Waggoner Estate ranch currently selling for $725 million. To put that in perspective, the average U.S. farm is about 450 acres (523 in Texas), meaning over 1,100 (or 975, for Texas) could fit in this property alone. While this enormous, historic and luxury ranch is certainly more outlier than norm, it does emphasize the success Texas has had in ranching, farming and its related real estate. Texas ranks number one in a variety of related categories including: value of farm real estate, number of farms and ranches, and amount of farm and ranch land.

The law would give current and prospective Oklahoma farmers and ranchers more autonomy to tend to their land and livestock as they see fit without the intrusion of government officials and bureaucracy. It could stop the trend of farmers leaving the state and instead attract people to look for Oklahoma ranches for sale.

With a world population that keeps growing more food will be necessary not just in the U.S. but globally. It’s estimated the world will require 70% more food than today in the year 2050. Attracting new and supporting current farmers and ranchers is important not only to Oklahoma, but society as a whole.

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