Patton Ranch

Large Colorado Cattle Ranch and Hunting Ranch

The Patton Ranch is a classic 10,000-acre Colorado cattle and hunting ranch (1,088 acres fee ownership, just over 9,000 acres BLM leases plus some private leased land) that is available for purchase for the first time in 60 years. It controls its own valley just outside of Cañon City, Colorado on the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains. In typical years the ranch will carry over 200 head of cattle. Included with the 1,088 acres owned in fee are the 7,620-acre Wilson Creek BLM allotment carrying 252 AUMs and the 1,350-acre Blue Ridge allotment and 54 AUMs as well as the 40-acre Shaw Park lease.

The Southwest style ranch home sits in a private and serene creek-fed valley abundant with wildlife. It opens up to vast high desert lands perfect for horse lovers as well as cattle ranching. The ranch acreage provides a varied terrain with gorgeous and colorful rock outcroppings typical of the southwest. The land offers tremendous outdoor recreation activities including big game hunting.

The ranch improvements consist of a functional network of ranch roads, complete fencing, working corrals, a ranch foreman’s house and an adobe style owner’s residence.

Although sitting in a private valley, the Patton Ranch is located within 5 miles of Cañon City, which provides hospital, medical, shopping and airport facilities. Cañon City is located in a mountain bowl along the Arkansas River valley as it flows east from the Rocky Mountains and the mouth of the Royal Gorge. A combination of unique geography and an elevation of 5300 feet above sea level protects the city from harsh weather conditions, making Cañon City “the Climate Capital of Colorado,” with temperatures generally 10 degrees warmer than other nearby Colorado communities.

The stable economy and low property taxes in the area are a big plus. Unlike other areas of the state, Cañon City is not a boom or bust economy, but rather one of stable working class families, cattle ranching, mining and a thriving rafting, fly-fishing and tourist industry. It is also a gateway to top-notch Rocky Mountain skiing.

Cañon City is the county seat of Fremont County in southern Colorado, with a population of approximately 16,000 people within the city limits, and another 5,000 to 7,000 people within the surrounding area in Fremont County.

The Royal Gorge Bridge is one of the major attractions located near Cañon City. This, along with other nearby natural attractions such as the Arkansas River, the National Forest, and the beauty of the surrounding land, draws numerous tourists to the area year-round with a peak during the summer season. Cañon City is one of only a few cities along the Front Range that has predominantly maintained its small town feel. Residents of this third oldest city in the State of Colorado are proud of their history, proud of their setting amongst beautiful natural features, and proud of their community.

The ranch also benefits from numerous private grazing leases where cattle are allowed to graze virtually for free to preserve owners agricultural property tax treatment for the landowners.