Sioux Creek Ranch

Sioux Creek Ranch (SCR), with over three square miles of fully developed wildlife habitat, is one of the prettiest and most appealing hunting ranches in the central plains. The ranch consists of moderate hill-and-canyon country, with CRP fields, wooded draws and canyons, extensive grain fields and food plots, grasslands, and thickets. Sioux Creek Ranch has been fully developed for wildlife and sustainable multi-species hunting, and has an underground wildlife watering system throughout the ranch, with two submersible wells and miles of lines and tanks.

Special Features
Hunting for pheasants, quail, turkeys, and whitetail deer is top-rated. There is a large population of trophy-class whitetail deer. The entire ranch supports large populations of ring-neck pheasants, Bobwhite quail, and doves, as well as several hundred Merriam turkeys. In addition there are mule deer and some prairie chickens and sharp-tail grouse on the ranch. The ranch sits within the Central Flyway and has the potential for flooded grain fields for waterfowl hunting.

Additional Information
Sioux Creek Ranch is a truly exceptional hunting property as it is. But it also has all the potential to be one of the top five private, multi-species hunting preserves in America. Sioux Creek Ranch offers an extraordinary value opportunity for any individual or organization looking for an unsurpassed hunting paradise. The infrastructure is in place, and further development is a function of the owner’s imagination.

Appraised Value of $3,169,000 Price: $1,630,000