Travis Ranch

California Cattle Ranch & Hunting Ranch in scenic Trinity County

The approximately 100,000 acre Travis Ranch is one of the few large ranches located in the coastal range of California and covers some of the greatest scenery in the west. The ranch’s approximately 12,000 deeded acreage is well blocked and contiguous and is almost totally enclosed within federal lands. It enjoys seclusion and isolation from the public due to its size and nature of the central coast range to isolate these large acreages behind rivers with no public crossings or easements. Fronting on the North Fork of the Eel River, the quality of wildlife habitat is outstanding. Deer hunting is superb and most of the coastal wildlife is well represented. Just 5 miles North of the ranch is a 3500 ft. county maintained paved airstrip for convenient quick access.

Travis Ranch is located approximately 10 miles south of Ruth, California. Ruth is 13 miles south of Mad River off Hwy 36 on Mad River Road at the south end of Ruth Lake. From Mad River it is 60 miles east to Redding and Red Bluff and 50 miles west to Eureka, California. Ruth County airport is 6 miles north of the ranch and has a 3500 foot paved strip. Commercial Service is out of Eureka and there is a grass strip on the ranch. Six mile long Ruth Lake, a few miles off the Highway at Mad River, has a full-service Marina, overnight lodging, restaurants and lakeside campgrounds. The coastal city of Eureka is the closest city and Redding, the fastest growing northern California city, is approximately 60 miles.

Southern Trinity County is one of the least-populated regions of California. It was historically a logging and ranching area. Hwy 36 views from the highway include the Yolla Bolla Wilderness area, and the view of Red and Black Lassic Mountains from the summit of South Fork Mountain, the longest ridge on the American continent, is breathtaking. Tiny communities center around the general stores at Wildwood and at Mad River, where you can find gas pumps, a post office, groceries, and even restaurants.

Average annual temperatures run from a low of 35 to a high of 67 degrees Fahrenheit year round. Average winter temperatures in January and February run from about 28 to 59 degrees and summer months in June and July run from lows of 45 degrees to highs around 85 or 90. Average rainfall is about 30+ inches yearly with the most accumulations between November and March.

The Travis Ranch encompasses approximately 12,000 deeded acres and has grazing permits on approximately 90,000 acres of National Forest for a total of over 100,000 acres of some of the greatest scenery in the west. The ranch is mostly rolling hills, meadows and timber that fall off to the Eel River drainage.


The drainage of the Travis Ranch is the North Fork of the Eel River which flows through the ranch for about 190 miles however, it enjoys frontage on the river for about 5 miles. The North Fork is designated as a “wild and scenic” river and is not dammed in its entire length. A portion of the lands bordering the ranch on the west is designated as the North Fork Wilderness. Salmon, Steelhead, and Trout are found in these pristine waters. Red Mountain Creek traverses the ranch and supports native trout. There are many year-round springs throughout the ranch, some of which are developed for livestock watering, others for domestic uses. Several ponds have been constructed over the years adding wildlife enhancement, stock water, and fishing.

The ranch improvements at the old headquarters are beautifully sited on the shore of a pond and serve as the headquarters for the livestock operation. The house is cowboy comfortable and there is a beautiful rustic barn, outbuildings and storage sheds. There is a nice hunting camp separated from the headquarters by several miles.

Operational Considerations:
The Travis Ranch cattle operation is owner rated at 800 cows plus replacements and bulls. The animals are summered in the higher elevations on the forest service allotments. The warm lower elevations of the deeded lands provide the winter range. Hay is kept only for corralled animals or in the rare event of emergency. Use of the approximately 90,000 acres of forest service allotments adds another dimension to the lifestyle. A great portion of the lands are in the Yolla Bolly Middle Eel Wilderness and are absolutely spectacular and scenic. Cattle working facilities are located in several places throughout the ranch to keep from driving the animals long distances. Two excellent livestock auction yards are within reasonable distance from the ranch. The pastures of this operation are fertilization and pesticide free making it a potential natural beef operation.

The Coast Range is blessed with an extraordinary variety of wildlife. The Travis ranch with its isolation and seclusion provides a habitat for these abundant creatures to live relatively unhampered by mankind. Black tail deer, bear, mountain lion, bobcat, grouse, quail and band tail pigeons to name just a few. The ranch is famous for its deer hunting. An opportunity to hunt bucks on the Travis ranch has been long revered by any so fortunate. The Brown family for many years operated the Flying AA guest ranch at Ruth, a few miles north of the Ranch. The lodge had an extensive display of mounts from the Travis Ranch, many of these were Boone & Crockett certified. The gene pool of the black tail at the Travis is considered by serious hunters to be at the top of the potential of the breed for big bucks. The hunting camp on the Ranch is rustic and historic but very functional to accommodate hunting guests. The excellent road system on the Ranch allows hunters to explore the extremities of this large acreage. Access gained from the Ranch into the bordering National Forest gives a tremendous size and scope to the sportsman.

The Travis Ranch includes timber production as one of its prime assets. Over the years the ranch built and improved a road system to access timber stocks. A substantial amount of the acreage is stocked with mostly Douglas fir timber that is growing at a good rate. The coast range is blessed with 30+ inches of rainfall per year. Rainfall is the most significant factor in timber growth. Future harvest of timber could be managed on a sustained yield asis protecting the aesthetics and insuring the future of the stands. Sawmills on the California Coast and the Sacramento valley to the east provide competitive outlets for the logs. Along with the Douglas Fir timber the ranch contains a wide variety of hard woods. Live Oak, Black Oak, Madrone, Maple and others would be represented.

Brokers Comment:
The Travis Ranch is an opportunity to own one of the few large ranches located in the coastal range of California. Almost totally enclosed within federal lands, the ranch enjoys seclusion from the public with no public crossing or easements. The quality of wildlife on the Travis Ranch is unparalleled.