Living the ranch life

Ron and Nanette and their three children, Reid, Evan and Nicole, moved from Golden, CO to a small ranch with a 10-acre lake on the outskirts of Johnstown, CO in 2001 to have more room for their horse operation. Operating as Morris Performance Horses, LLC, they raise and train Paint and Quarter Horses.

Ron and Nanette brought 6 horses with them during their move but there was no place to keep their existing horses, tack, or room for adequate feed, hay and equipment storage.  They converted  an existing storage shed into a small feed barn with shelter.  Two years ago, Ron added a new 7-stall barn and decided to convert the old feed barn into a combined tack and entertainment space.  With the help of his brother-in-law, over the course of a few months, the feed barn was gutted and a new roof, flooring, insulated & finished interior walls, new siding and west-facing windows were added.  The existing hitching post and planked entry still exists from the previous feed barn.

The south side of Ron’s tack room contains a wall that houses 7 saddles, bridles, halters, and other forms of tack and the remainder of the room is decorated in a masculine western motif and is complete with a bar and refrigerator, cast-iron stove, leather couches, game table, and more.  It’s the perfect place for Ron to relax during warmer weather after an enjoyable ride on the ranch either alone at the end of a long work day or with his family and to entertain friends or clients who come to visit.

Ron is fortunate to be able to use his horsemanship skills in conjunction with his ranch real estate business.  He believes there is nothing better for the inside of a man than the outside of a horse.  The Morris Horse Farm has barns, foaling stalls, three pastures and hay production to sustain the operation.  Breeding for performance from proven champion bloodlines has been the key to their success.

Ron currently owns 8 horses:
Buck: Buck Skin Quarter Horse
Hank: Palomino Quarter Horse
Angel: Sorrel Quarter Horse
Stryker: Sorrel Quarter Horse
Zoey: Breeding Stock & American Warm Blood
Misty: Paint
Bella: Breeding Stock Paint
Sara: Sorrel Quarter Horse (currently at trainer for Finishing with plans to be sold)