Managing the Ranch Enterprise

Ranch Marketing Associates established a Ranch and Resource Management program in 2007 in order to help ranch owners find effective and efficient solutions to increase profitability and return on investment. The program is directed by one of the most knowledgeable, experienced, and highly respected Ranch Management veterans in the west, Matt Johnston.

Effective ranch and resource management is a significant concern for most ranch owners. When done in a manner that maintains the integrity of the land, there is greater appreciation for resale.  Ranch and resource management involves complex problems that are unique to each ranch, regardless of size.  Finding innovative solutions to problems such as crop production, lake and pond development, livestock operations, multi-species grazing, wildlife-habitat growth and preservation, fencing, building-site layout and design, home and building restoration, ranch administration recruitment, financial planning, budgeting and accounting, can be overwhelming – or challenging, at best – to ranch owners .

Ranch owners typically purchase a property for a specific purpose such as for hunting or fishing retreats, family vacations, or crop production and livestock operations.  It’s not uncommon for either a new or longtime ranch owner to have limited understanding of the characteristics of their property or limited knowledge of the region’s surrounding land use rules, wildlife and water resources and how these affect the current or potential value of their land.  In addition, it’s almost impossible, without years of extensive ranching experience, to know how to adequately manage all aspects of one’s ranch.  Because of this, many property owners end up spending unnecessarily on a variety of products and services that could be prevented.  Such purchases are usually driven by fears such as loosing crops or livestock where purchases of chemicals or vaccines are made without need.  It’s difficult to know which investments should be made and which are wasteful. Incorporating the knowledge and experience of a reputable Ranch and Resource Management team can be the difference between running your ranch profitably or at a loss.

RMA knows how important it is to have a thorough understanding of the region your ranch is located in and how all aspects of a piece of property and the land surrounding it affect each other.  We listen to the needs of our clients and work closely with each to determine long or short-term objectives for their ranch – understanding and evaluating the difference between what ranch owners want and what they really need.  We provide the insight and synergy necessary to meet the diverse needs of our clients.  But, ultimately, our goal is always to find the most effective and efficient solutions for making changes to or enhancing property so that it not only sustains the unique ecosystems and wildlife but also supports the ability to achieve financial gains from the land and livestock.

RMA’s Ranch and Resource Management Director and Real Estate Broker, Matt Johnston, is a fourth generation Wyoming rancher with over thirty years of experience in all aspects of ranch and resource management.  A hallmark in the ranching industry, Johnston has enjoyed a successful career working on substantial ranch holdings such as the well-known Padlock Ranch Company, Wagonhound Land & Livestock Company and the Bard Ranch Company.  He’s fostered outstanding working relationships with many local, State and Federal officials, Western agriculturists, research centers, to enhance the quality of ranching and land preservation.  Johnston is also the newest Real Estate Broker at RMA and works out of the Sheridan, Wyoming office.

Ranch Marketing Associates is dedicated to service to our clients. Each broker’s love of the land and valuable ranching experience contributes greatly to our growth and the achievement of the company’s objectives.

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