New Trend Emerges in Luxury Ranch Real Estate Market

Grand River RanchAn exciting trend has emerged in the ranch real estate market and it has buyers paying attention as demand quickly rises – the luxury, large-acreage, shared amenity ranch community. This isn’t your traditional Ranching or Ranchette sub-division by any means.

With many of the same comforts resort-living offers, this exciting concept of luxury, large acreage, Shared amenity ranch ownership is rapidly growing in interest for many. Private individuals, business professionals and well-known names are seeking this form of ranch ownership as an alternative to the stand alone ranch – where dining and other conveniences can be miles away and where the demands of a stand-alone ranch with operations can interfere with time to relax with friends and family and enjoy your property, says Ron Morris, Founding Partner of Ranch Marketing Associates – a ranch real estate firm specializing in high-end Agricultural, Recreation, and Investment properties across the West.

Growing in popularity across the west, where the rare opportunity still exists to own unspoiled, scenic and expansive land with abundant wildlife and natural resources, purchasing a Shared-Amenity ranch with private access to fine accommodations is as much about service and convenience as it is the pride and rewards of owning a large land-holding. This new form of ranch real estate offers individuals with demanding businesses and families with busy schedules the ability to live “the ranching lifestyle” without many of the responsibilities typically associated with owning and operating a traditional, stand-alone ranch.

Research on past and current real estate trends consistently reveal that ranch and recreation property purchases are often times made for investment purposes; where land values are expected to rise over time reaping gains for the ranch-investor risk-taker. However, for many people considering a ranch purchase in the new and varied market of ranch real estate today, the decision is also, quite simply, discretionary. Individuals with the financial ability to realize their dream of ranch ownership are now looking for innovative ways to living an authentic ranching lifestyle yet with some of the comforts associated with modern living.

For ranch owners of all kinds, the proverbial cliche of raising livestock or mending fences is one of the rewards of land ownership and is the best way to unwind. But for many buyers considering their first or next ranch purchase, these ranching responsibilities must not compete with time to enjoy their ranch home or interfere with time to entertain and relax with family, friends or business associates. This is the appeal of luxury, large-acreage, shared amenity ranch ownership.

Shared amenity ranch communities often include private (and sometimes secured) access to luxurious clubhouses, spas & boutiques, five-star lodging and dining, fitness facilities, equestrian centers, and even Master Guides and Instructors readily on hand to accommodate a trail ride or fly-fishing lesson with a quick phone call to the ranch headquarters (concierge).

The exquisite, 19,000-acre Grand River Ranch, located in Kremmling, Colorado (recreation corridor for the avid outdoorsman and recreation enthusiast) exemplifies this new trend and represents the top-echelon of the luxury, large-acreage shared amenity ranch experience. With individual ranch privacy while maintaining the land’s natural beauty, the Grand River Ranch was strategically (master) planned with only 19 ranches available for ownership; each unique in character and topography and ranging in size from several hundred acres to over a 1,000 acres.

These ranches offer the discriminating buyer the same western lifestyle associated with a stand-alone ranch but where owners can use as many of the offered services as they want without the expense or hassle of having to employ their own staff or ranch managers. For more information on Grand River Ranch, visit Grand River Ranch.

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