Ranches for Sale: MONTANA

A headwater state offering exciting and pristine water recreation, a healthy, thriving agricultural economy and an outstanding state-wide school system, Big Sky Country has much to offer those considering calling Montana home. Ranch Marketing Associates has years of combined industry knowledge offering quality farm and ranches for sale in Montana including recreational ranches, cattle ranches, hunting ranches, fly-fishing ranches, sporting ranches, equestrian ranches, and horse properties for sale.

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Montana Recreation

Montana is nothing short of majestic, it is the place that captivated characters as disparate as Theodore Roosevelt and Ernest Hemmingway. Even today, Montana maintains the same untamed beauty and wild western character that drew explorers, homesteaders, statesmen, hunters and writers here for generations. Montana’s fortuitous natural setting, rich history and vibrant culture make it a great place for recreation.

Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks are the crown jewels of Montana’s copious natural beauty.  Situated in the southwestern part of the state, Yellowstone National Park was the world's first National Park, and at 2.2 million acres, it is still one of the largest. Yellowstone has 10,000 thermal features.  It is one of the few places where you can still view bear, bison, elk and wolf in their natural habitat in the Lamar Valley known as “America's Serengeti.”  Other top attractions in Yellowstone include Old Faithful Geyser, Mammoth Hot Springs, and the breathtaking wonder of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.

Across the state, nestled on Montana’s northern border you’ll find the ethereal beauty of Glacier National Park. The park is situated in a rugged section of the northern Rockies where mountain goats and big horn sheep cling to steep glacier carved peaks above brilliant blue water of glacier fed lakes.  One of the park’s focal points is the beautifully engineered Going-to-the-Sun Road, a spectacular 52-mile highway where cars cling to the edge of the world, along with bikes and wildlife, as they traverse the Continental Divide over Logan Pass. St. Mary Lake, Lake McDonald, Iceberg Lake Trail and Garden Wall's Highline Trail, are other not to miss attractions in the park.

With 15 ski areas to choose from, short lift lines, reasonable ticket prices, and over 400 inches of average annual snowfall, Montana is a powder hound’s dream.  Montana has amazing road and mountain biking. The Beartooth National Scenic Byway is just one example of the great road biking in Montana. This 65 mile ride is located between the friendly towns of Cook City and Red Lodge.  The ride goes along U.S. Highway 212 so finding your way is easy, but the ride is a challenge.  Beginning at around 7,600 feet in elevation and topping out at almost 11,000 feet, this ride is so scenic that you’ll have trouble figuring out if it’s your cardio or the sight of the rugged mountain landscape that’s taking your breath away.

Fly-fishing on the Blackfoot, the Missouri, the Yellowstone, the Madison and the Smith have become legendary.  These Montana rivers are known for plentiful wild trout that delight anglers from around the world.  Golfers in Montana have to share the links with eagles and big game, but they do enjoy more than 70 golf courses. Golf in Montana runs the gamut from the Jack Nicklaus designed Old Works course in Anaconda to the spectacular Eagle Bend course to quaint country courses. We’ve just scratched the surface on recreation in Montana, many people spend a lifetime exploring Montana’s recreational opportunities from their ranches.

Reasons to Invest in Montana Ranches for Sale

Since the beginning of recorded history, land has been a significant repository of value and wealth. Many investors are looking at Montana ranches for sale as they offer a way to diversify portfolios under today’s market conditions. Additionally, the fundamental concept of supply and demand can make farm and ranch land a more attractive proposition over the next few years. The sections below list some of the reasons investors are seriously considering ranches and farms.

It Provides High Security and Low Risk

After a lengthy period of high performance during an up market, many investors are now focusing on preservation of capital during times of turmoil. An investment in ranches for sale in Montana is backed by an ironclad asset that’s in limited supply and unlikely to depreciate. Historical data proves that farmland has strong capital preservation characteristics, unlike other finite resources such as oil, gas, and mining. Properly managed farms and ranches are a renewable resource that remains perpetually productive.

Farmland is an Effective Hedge Against Inflation

Farmland has been shown to positively correlate with inflation. Historically, values increase faster than the level of inflation, which makes Montana farms for sale an effective hedge. This is particularly appealing to investors concerned about the government’s fiscal policies on the monetization of debt.

Farmland Delivers a High ROI

Investment in Montana cattle ranches for sale can capture capital and operating returns through a combo of asset appreciation and rental income. Returns on farmland repeatedly outperform other assets such as bonds, stocks, and commercial properties across multiple timescales and markets, despite their relatively low risk level.

Investment is Transparent and Easy

In a climate of accounting irregularities, corporate fraud, bankruptcy, and greed, the ease of ownership of real estate is appealing to a significant number of buyers.

Farm and Ranch Land Has Tremendous Benefits Over Other Investment Types

Although Montana hunting ranches for sale fall under the real estate classification, they have unique characteristics that protect the land from steep declines in value as seen in residential and commercial properties.

  • Supply limits: Unlike other real estate types where supply can be increased with new building, the supply of ranch and farmland is fixed.
  • Rising, resilient demand: Food demand is not related to price because people must eat no matter the cost. Food costs are an area where the wealth of consumers in emerging markets is captured.
  • Earnings/price and yield: As a rule, the value of agricultural land is supported by earnings arising from the asset.
  • Farm debt: Asset/debt ratios remain low in this sector as compared to other classes of real estate.

Owning a farm or ranch in Montana carries specific advantages, some of which are not listed here. By learning about the benefits and risks of landownership, buyers can make an informed purchase decision.