Ranches for Sale: NEBRASKA

A Great Plains state with an abundant underground water supply, low electric and natural gas costs, and a hard working, hard playing, family-oriented disposition makes Nebraska a great place to invest in a production property or a family estate. Ranch Marketing Associates has unsurpassed industry leadership offering quality ranches for sale in Nebraska, working ranches for sale in Nebraska, Nebraska farmland for sale, cattle ranches for sale, ranchland for sale, and agricultural properties for sale.

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Benefits of Buying Nebraska Ranches for Sale

“Under all is the land” is part of the National Association of Realtors’ credo, and those words are true. Whether a buyer is looking for Nebraska ranches for sale to build a home or as an investment property, vacant land purchases come with a number of advantages. Here are some of the benefits of buying a parcel of land in Nebraska.

Low Starting Price

One of the most important benefits of purchasing ranches for sale in Nebraska is that it’s typically cheaper than buying property with a structure. With everything being equal, a built-out piece of land is more valuable than a vacant lot. Even if the structure is worthless, the landowner must pay for demolition. For this reason, land-only purchases are a great way for novice investors to get into the market.

Greater Flexibility

When Nebraska hunting ranches for sale are unimproved, the buyer has a clean slate upon which they can do almost anything they choose. If a buyer chooses to build a home, they can choose the size of the front and back yards. With a commercial property, a buyer may have the option to build one large structure or a multi-unit complex for multiple tenants.

Minimal Cost of Ownership

Because vacant land is cheaper than a comparably sized improved property, it typically costs less to own. If there’s a mortgage, payments are lower, and property taxes are less. Although maintenance like trash removal and mowing may be necessary, it’s usually less costly than maintaining a building.


Unlike a building which can fall into disarray if it’s not properly maintained, vacant land usually remains in the state in which it was purchased unless erosion, earthquake, or another external force acts upon it. With these things in mind, vacant lots are a great way to track the market. This makes Nebraska farms for sale a better way to store long-term value than an improved property that may lose value if it does not receive periodic improvements and capital infusions.

Speculative Investment Potential

Vacant cattle ranches for sale in Nebraska are excellent speculative investment vehicles. If land in a certain area suddenly becomes desirable, it can offer a very high return. These changes can happen because of fundamental shifts such as development or because of parcel-level changes such as upzoning from residential to commercial usage.

As made evident above, there are many reasons to consider investing in Nebraska farm or ranch land. Not only is this land an incredible investment option, it can provide a buyer with a way to pass a tangible legacy on to their heirs. By buying land in Nebraska, clients can improve their net worth and cash flow potential for years to come.