A state rich in minerals and one of the nation’s top producers of crude and natural gas along with favorable tax credits and exemptions for business owners, New Mexico piques the interest of many types of land investors. Ranch Marketing Associates has unsurpassed industry leadership offering quality ranches for sale in New Mexico; recreation properties, cattle ranches, recreational ranches, hunting ranches, fly-fishing ranches, sporting ranches, equestrian ranches, and horse properties for sale. Please see the below assortment of quality New Mexico ranches for sale and investment properties for sale:

Coyote Creek Ranch


New Mexico - Mora County - Guadalupita

Acres 350 |

New Mexico is a state where the beauty is both natural and prolific. One doesn't have to travel far to see the ways that nature has used rock, valleys and water to create a unique landscape desired by many. Coyote Creek Ranch lies near Angel Fire and Eagle Nest, both of which are in the Enchanted Circle, which is known for its beautiful scenery and outdoor recreation. The property also has quickl access to Coyote Creek State Park and is just an hour or two from Taos and Santa Fe for big-city amenities. The shopping, eating, sight-seeing an cultural activies are everywhere and one can appreciate the seclusion while never being more thanhalf n hour from the city.

Gloria-a-Dios Ranch


New Mexico - Rio Arriba County - Regina

Acres 916 |

Gloria-a-Dios Ranch lies in the Northwest part of New Mexico in Rio Arriba County. This is in area rich in history and very close to the Jicarilla Apache Indian Reservation. With all the natural beauty and native culture, one can expect a ton to see and do, such a camping, hunting, relaxing in hot springs, visiting art galleries and simply enjoying the beauty of the American Southwest. The property is one hour to Chama, the Abiquiu Reservoir, Heron Lake State Park and about one and a half hours from the Jemez Hot Springs. A whole day of activities is just a short drive away from this easily accessible ranch.


Things to Consider When Evaluating New Mexico Ranches for Sale

While most people rely on a real estate agent to find the perfect piece of land, there are certain things buyers should consider when evaluating a New Mexico ranch for sale. These elements are location, build-out capability, zoning, permitting, utilities, and roads. These factors are discussed in detail in the sections below.


Before talking to a seller or starting the search for ranches for sale in New Mexico, the buyer should determine their priorities as far as location is concerned. Is budget a primary consideration, or is it the quality of local schools that matters? These are just some of the questions buyers should answer during the evaluation process, as they help in decision-making.

Build-Out Capability

While any piece of land may seem suitable, it is important for the buyer of a ranch or farm to determine how much of the parcel can be built upon. Does that part of the land meet the needs of the home the buyer plans to build? Soil conditions and topography are important issues, as poor soil quality can affect construction cost.


When looking at New Mexico hunting ranches for sale, the buyer should talk with their real estate agent and the local zoning board about the factors to be considered before construction starts. Environmental factors may limit where structures can be placed on the land, and future development could raise or lower property values. While a buyer can't predict the future, with a little research they can make an informed purchase decision.

Permitting Issues

It is important for the buyer to learn which types of permits will be needed when building on New Mexico cattle ranches for sale. Some areas have limited permitting requirements, and others are stricter. Talk to the nearest building department to find out what's needed.

Utilities and Roads

Before buying New Mexico ranches for sale, the buyer should determine which utilities have been added to the property. Most undeveloped land has few or no utilities, and the buyer bears the cost of bringing them onto the property. Contact local utility companies to determine the cost of the project. In rural areas, city water is not available, and the buyer will have to install a well and a septic system. Owners of undeveloped land may need to build a private driveway or road from the nearest public thoroughfare, and they should find out whether there's an easement that allows easy access to the property.

If a buyer is evaluating multiple properties and one needs extra development, the cost may be worthwhile. However, they should have all the facts before signing a contract. A real estate agent may be able to help the buyer evaluate the properties they're considering, as well as the possibilities for each piece.