With some of the most favorable tax laws in the nation and access to over 30 million acres of public land for enjoying some of the most challenging and exciting skiing, rock-climbing and fishing in the world, it is easy to understand why businesses, investors and families enjoy life in Wyoming. Ranch Marketing Associates has unsurpassed industry leadership offering quality Wyoming ranches, ranch land, farmland, agricultural property, recreation properties, fishing properties, production ranches, and cattle ranches for sale.

Wyoming Ranches

  • Hunting Ranches

    Wyoming is antelope hunting at its best. However, Wyoming also offers great elk and mule deer hunting as well. Hunting ranches can be a great investment for passionate hunters especially elk hunters due to the ability to purchase an archery permit if they draw a rifle tag and hunt the same unit during archery season prior to their rifle tag season in Wyoming. Check out RMA's selection of phenomenal Wyoming hunting ranches below.
  • Horse Ranches

    Wyoming is known for raising excellent ranch horses especially in a few areas of the state where horses are predominant such as the Cody, Wyoming area. There are few places in the country that offer such spectacular ranches and properties as Wyoming with lots of space to ride and enjoy being horseback. Be sure to consider Wyoming when looking for horse ranches or properties.
  • Farms and Ranches

    When you think of Wyoming farms and ranches, most will have images of the Teton Range, one of the most photographed ranges in Wyoming. However, there is multitude of farm and ranch topography ranging from steep rugged mountains to rolling sagebrush. Wyoming farms and ranches have a little bit of everything to offer and RMA can assist you in finding a farm or ranch that fits your needs.
Please see the below assortment of quality Wyoming ranches, farmland, and hunting and fishing properties for sale:

Muleshoe Ranch


Wyoming - Platte County - Wheatland

Acres 4,161 Total Acres |

Price $5,500,000 Reduced

Wheatland, Wyoming--the county seat of Platte County--offers all the desired amenities of a rural town with its small-town friendliness and atmosphere. Located on I-25, Wheatland is close to farms and ranches, historical and recreational sites, medical facilities at the Platte County Memorial Hospital and Nursing Home, an excellent K-12 school system, farm and ranch implement dealerships, veterinary clinics; banks and shopping facilities, a golf course and an airport.

Sierra Madre Ranch


Wyoming - Carbon County - Encampment

Acres 320 |

Price $3,000,000

The Sierra Madre Ranch lies just 4 miles from Encampment, Wyoming just inside the Medicine Bow National Forest. This 320 acre ranch is bordered on 2 sides by national forest and by BLM on the other 2 sides. There is 160 acres of irrigated ground and 2 ponds as well as the north and south forks of Miner Creek and Hell Creek.  Being surrounded by public land, the ranch is an excellent hunting and recreational ranch providing access to numerous recreational activities. 


Exploring the Investment Potential of Wyoming Ranches For Sale

Wyoming ranchland offers unique possibilities for a variety of investors. Whether a serious sports enthusiast, an absentee owner, or an actively involved operator, there are significant opportunities to invest in Wyoming Ranches for sale. From smaller parcels to ranches encompassing thousands of acres, real estate experts throughout the region encourage prospective buyers to take advantage of the many ranches currently for sale.

Cattle Ranches Still Provide Excellent Opportunities

Much of the ranchland in Wyoming is still actively producing cattle for the nation's food supply. Of course, because some areas of the state are better suited to the production of beef than others, prospective ranch buyers are advised to work closely with local real estate experts who know the region and can explain the pros and cons of specific properties. With the state's famously harsh winters, feeding those cattle through the winter is always an issue, suggesting any land purchased with the intent of raising beef should have the capability of producing at least some of the feed required to get through the winter months.

Adequate buildings, including some protection from the elements for livestock, are always recommended. Storage structures for equipment and shop areas for needed maintenance and repairs are also requirements for most prospective buyers. If adequate structures are not currently on a ranch, however, that doesn't mean the property should be ignored, as quality land is more important than buildings. Structures can be built to meet the needs of a specific type of ranch operation, but it's virtually impossible to improve large areas of land.

Horses Can Provide Income in Many Parts of the State

Breeding, raising, training and selling horses is a profitable business in many parts of Wyoming. There is horse property for sale in Wyoming that is either currently used for horses or would lend itself to that use. As with cattle ranching, dealing with horses requires somewhat specialized fencing and buildings. When training or boarding play a role in a horse operation, structures like stables and training arenas are vital to the ranch's success.

Sportsmen Are Also Interested in Wyoming Ranches

Hunting is a long-held tradition in Wyoming, with both local and out-of-state hunters prizing the region's elk, antelope, and deer. Ranch owners often take advantage of the demand for access to quality hunting and go out of their way to cater to those demands. While many Wyoming cattle ranches for sale have never been actively promoted for hunting, it is certainly an opportunity that should be explored. As with any other use, there are certainly ranches in the region better suited to use by hunters. Wildlife species tend to prefer some types of habitats over others, so reviewing the region's wildlife population patterns will provide prospective ranch owners with a better idea of which sites would best be utilized for sporting activities.

A Wyoming ranch for sale might also be ideal for other sporting activities. Off-road vehicle trails provide great opportunities for landowners to generate income if the terrain is suited to off-roading. With the cost of land going up, land buyers are exploring innovative ways to generate the income needed to provide a healthy return on investment. Even those not interested in hunting or off-roading can easily find ways to generate income from the land. Plein air painting continues to be popular, with artists from around the country as well as locally-based seeking opportunities to capture the vistas Wyoming is famous for.

Don't Pass Up a Great Opportunity

The cattle ranches for sale in Wyoming offer spectacular opportunities for buyers no matter what they intend to use the land for in the future. In fact, ranching will continue to evolve, meaning landowners will almost certainly continue to look for new and unique ways to best use their property. While traditional ranching activities are likely to be around for many more years, other uses will continue to become parts of the overall land use picture. With land prices expected to increase in the future, simply using the purchase of a Wyoming ranch as a hedge against inflation is certainly a purchase that would fit the portfolios of some investors.

No matter what type of land use you're considering, it's worth taking the time to explore the many options available. Land experts are poised to assist potential buyers looking for any size or type of land in Wyoming, so take the time to contact one for help today.