The Top States to Purchase Land

colorado ranchAltogether, the real estate value of agricultural ranch and farmland is about $2 trillion in the United States. Certainly, there is a market for all these high-end ranches and farms because of the agricultural benefits and profits that can be had. As far as farming is concerned, there are over 2.2 million farms in the U.S. and about 97% of them are owned by families. There are many nice ranches available all over the country, as well. Checking out where to look for these properties is very important.

Agricultural production is an extremely lucrative market and occurs in all 50 states in the nation. Some states have better luck than others in the agriculture field, however. Here are some of the top states for purchasing land in the United States:









Colorado — Finding a Colorado ranch for sale does not have to be difficult. Consulting professionals to assist you in your real estate and purchasing process can help tremendously. You can find a luxurious Colorado ranch for sale ranging from just over $1 million for 400 acres of land, to nearly $55 million for a famous ranch in Westcliffe that’s over 55 thousand acres.

Texas — Purchasing land in Texas makes a lot of sense. Texas is number one in the U.S. in agricultural real estate value and generates about $36 billion annually. There are a variety of properties currently available for purchase in Texas.

California — Ranking first in overall agricultural cash receipts in the United States, California is a great place for buying land. In California, you’ll have the option to produce nearly any crop. You can make a profit on almonds, walnuts, prunes, pistachios, raisins, dates, artichokes, figs, and a total of 66 crops.

Wyoming — With some of the most beautiful pieces of land available, Wyoming is a great place for agricultural real estate. Wyoming has over 30 million acres of breathtaking land. The total crop production from Wyoming was nearly $530 million just a few years ago.
Whether you’re looking for a large Colorado ranch for sale, a small cattle ranch in Wyoming, or a giant luxury ranch in Texas, doing the proper research and consulting with professionals should help you make a great decision on where to buy land. Take care of the land and enjoy!

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