Unlocking Colorado’s Agricultural Potential, One Farm at a Time

Colorado is famous for its beer breweries, cattle ranches and unparalleled skiing offerings.

But what about its agriculture?

As California’s farmers — who currently supply a majority of the country’s fruits and vegetables — continue to scale back their crops in response to unyielding droughts, it’s increasingly evident that new technologies in use at Colorado farms could make the Centennial State the new capital of agriculture.

According to a recent NPR report, the cities of Boulder and Denver have both become home to a number of tech startups in recent years. These companies are developing agricultural innovations at breakneck speed, introducing new technologies in irrigation, food science and plant genetics that could change farming forever.

Knowing this, it’s not surprising to hear that a recent report found that Colorado’s agricultural industry has been growing as much as two to four times faster than the overall state economy.

“We’re poised, if we play our cards right, both as a state government, as a land grant institution [Colorado State University] and as an industry, to become the Silicon Valley for agriculture in the 21st century,” Greg Graff, of Colorado State University, said.

With the rapidly-growing world population projected to require at least 70% more food production by 2050, the need for more efficient agricultural technologies is apparent.

But while Colorado’s farmers and farms for sale have the most modern technology at their disposal, Texas has size on its side when it comes to agriculture production. In fact, the Lone Star State’s farm real estate is the most valuable in the U.S.; the state also ranks first in the nation for sales of livestock and cotton.

Still, it’s hard to deny the benefits that new farming technologies can have on average crop yield per farm. For those hoping to invest their agricultural ventures in farms for sale, it’s clear that Colorado may be poised to become one of top the farming states in the U.S..

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