What to Consider When Preparing Your Land for Sale

When it comes time to sell your ranching property, preparation is paramount in getting maximum value. If you can identify and eliminate any potential pitfalls in the condition and documentation of your land, you can take the stress out of the selling process and ensure that viable buyers will see all that your land offers.

Here are a few key considerations when preparing your ranch for sale.

Gather Pertinent Documentation

Ranch properties are complex and impossible to fully grasp in a single showing. Nothing will bolster the confidence of a prospective buyer like paperwork detailing the many elements of the land.

Legal and title documentation is a first step, and is absolutely vital for all ranches. This includes any easements, whether for conservation or road access. Make sure that all access roads passing through other properties have valid easements that clearly define the terms, even if a verbal agreement has been made with the owner. A lack of deeded, legal access to the property may turn buyers away.

If the property has been used for agriculture, track down crop records or any soil tests you may have completed. If these records are lean, you may consider hiring an agricultural appraiser, who can conduct surveys on soil quality, irrigation condition, and crop yields. This third-party analysis may give buyers that extra push to make an offer.

Financial records on agricultural sales may prove beneficial, as well. It’s always helpful to prove to a potential buyer that your property is a good investment.

Complete Maintenance Updates

Buyers want to see a property that’s well maintained and up-to-date. This is the time to identify and complete any outstanding maintenance needs, as any signs of neglect may distract a potential buyer.

If the fencing on your property is ailing, consider fixing or replacing it. If roads or trails are lined with overgrowth, especially if a buyer is forced to duck their head or dodge debris, cut it back. This is particularly important around the banks of any rivers, creeks, or lakes, as water is a big seller for both agricultural and recreational ranches. At the end of the day, you want buyers to have easy access to your entire property.

This also extends to clutter. Whether it’s piles of brush, trailer equipment, or pipes and lumber, gather it all in one place, and organize it neatly. Spare parts and debris lying around may distract prospective buyers, preventing them from focusing on the best parts of your property.

Utilize Photography

Professional and well-positioned photography can act as a fantastic sales tool. Getting the buyer to the property is the first step, and good photography can make all the difference. However, the best images for a ranch aren’t necessarily the same as a non-ranching property.

With a ranch, you’re selling more than just structures and land — you’re selling a lifestyle. A photographer with experience shooting ranches will know how to get landscape, livestock, and recreation images that highlight this lifestyle. It may be worth the cost.

Furthermore, photography can really compliment ranches with hunting potential. Set up game cameras, and capture quality images of any game on your property. A photograph of a prime buck from your land may just be the proof a buyer needs to pull the trigger on an offer.

These key considerations can help you avoid stress, and put you in a position to sell your ranch quickly and at the best price. At Ranch Marketing Associates, we’re experts in getting your unique property in prime condition for sale. We take all the anxiety out, and use decades of experience to guide you through the process. So, contact us today and learn how we can help.

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